THERESA HADDON- Founder and CEO of West Midlands Food Links

  • Speaker Bio:

    A  food-orientated post-graduate environmental scientist/polymath with both practical and political experience in these fields.

    Founder and CEO of West Midlands Food Links, providing simple and cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

    PhD on ‘The Lack of Joined-up Policy in UK Food, Farming & Health

    Presentation Title:

     Over-coming Open Food Data Obstacles

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The Public and Private Sectors recognise the urgent need to demolish their silo working mentality as well as to engineer communities to, amongst other things, tackle the 40% of diet-related diseases causing worldwide obesity and diabetes crises, and to feed a growing population with ever decreasing resources.

    Many obstacles exist such as political inertia, those unwilling to release data and endless meetings constantly reinventing the wheel and purely discussing what needs to be done without devising any action plan.

    This talk will debate whether there are solutions to these obstacles that if not resolved could destroy the potential of open food data.

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