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    As a Chemical Engineer I have worked for 20 years in the Food and drink industry in over 30 different countries.  My favourite experiences include commissioning the UK’s first bioethanol plant, a 3 year energy efficiency optimisation at a sugar factory China, and designing and commissioning a milling innovation in a Tanzanian Brewery.


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    A boiling innovation enabling radical energy savings in the brewing industry (Beverage LIFE15 CCM/BE/000090)

    Wort boiling has been an important part of the brewing process since the dawn of civilisation, and is the largest energy consumer in the process. The process is crucial to the final beer flavour, quality and product safety.  In an effort to reduce energy and improve beer quality a number of recent innovations in the beer industry has led to an idea involving a subtle tweak to the brewing process that reduces the energy consumption in Wort boiling by more than half.  This process is currently being tested for quality and flavour matching in 2 breweries in Europe, thanks to the support of the LIFE program

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