Tim Kay- Commercial Director , Verco

  • Speaker Bio:

    “Tim is Verco’s Commercial Director and plays a leading role in developing and delivering Verco’s energy and resource management service, in particular in the manufacturing industry. Tim works closely with Verco’s software development team with data collection, systems integration and solution development. His primary focus for the past 10 years has been supporting multi-site corporate clients implementing the principles of monitoring and targeting to deliver a reduction in the overall cost of manufacture.


    Tim has worked globally including the project management of bespoke energy monitoring solutions in Africa, Asia and mainland Europe, as well as in carrying out a range of energy audits in the UK and the US. Tim has a track record in delivering solutions that keep financial payback as the primary focus, delivering a material impact to an organisation’s overall cost of manufacture.


    Tim has a first class MEng Engineering degree from Durham University and is a Chartered Energy Manager with the Energy Institute.”


    Presentation title:

    “Data integration in energy management systems”


     Presentation synopsis:

    “The successful integration of data is critical to enabling operational teams to improve operational efficiency making best use of all information available. Typically, this includes aspects such as production metrics and output, utility consumption, product wastage, line counters and batch data.

    This presentation gives an insight into how this data can be brought together to identify areas for operational improvement that would not otherwise be observed without this combination of data being meshed together.”

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