Tom Crosby- Director of Infrastructure Management and Security Solutions, Happiest Minds

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    Director of Infrastructure Management and Security Solutions at Happiest Minds, a Bangalore headquartered “digital transformation & disruption” company with responsibility from the UK to market and sell Cloud services, software defined data centres, big data analytics, security governance, risk and compliance solutions to many sectors. 29 years spent in UK and Europe information technology market with deep experience and knowledge of systems, infrastructure, security, application and integration solutions. Before joining Happiest Minds in 2016 he held roles at 3M, MDIS, Computer Associates, QSP, NIIT Technologies, Axway and recently, Primeur. Formerly, a qualified Master Mariner (Captain) in the UK Merchant Navy; married for 35 years with two sons, and a Jack Russell Terrier named Bravo.

    Presentation Title:

    ‘#Cyberrisk’ means any risk of financial loss, damage to the reputation of an organisation. Agree?


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    Cyberisk is one of the major threats to any organisation today. Where it can take companies decades & decades to build a reputation for brand excellence & reliability, attract shareholders and gain a multitude of customers; yet in one single afternoon their world can come crashing down from external and/or insider cyber threats. Whatever it may be – it affects IPR, image & reputation, share price, investment considerations, and could lead to fines and potential job losses. Happiest Minds will explore these factors and show that there is a way to overcome these very real, modern, ever-changing challenges
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