Vincent Doumeizel- Vice President Food & Beverage, Lloyd’s Register (LRQA)

  • Speaker Bio:

    With 15 years’ experience in Food Safety Certification, Vincent Doumeizel joined LR Management Systems (LRQA) in 2015 as Vice President Food & Beverage.
    Vincent has a degree in economics and gradually focused on agro-food with various experiences all around the word. With LRQA VIncent is focused on further strengthening the strategic direction and reach of LRQA’s global food business, through the delivery of existing services and a wider portfolio designed to meet the needs of the thousands of food sector organisations that we serve worldwide.
    Vincent also supports the charitable objectives of the LR Foundation by identifying and supporting innovative food projects through funding, with an objective to increasing Food Supply Chain resilience all around the world.

    Presentation Title:

    The future of food audits in a digital world

    Presentation Synopsis:

     While food demand is booming, the very complex food supply chain is now facing major constraints and suffers from an absence of transparency. In this context, food assurance has to propose enhanced solutions in order to revolution the food audits leveraging on new technologies. Vincent Doumeizel, Vice President Food for Lloyd’s Register who recently announced  collaboration with the silicon valley based company Greenfence will introduce his vision of the future of food audits”
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