Vincent Doumeizel-Vice President Food & Sustainability-Lloyd’s Register Group

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    Vincent Doumeizel is Vice President Food & Sustainability at Lloyd’s Register and leads the related activities in relation to the many thousands of clients that we serve in over 100 countries worldwide.  Vincent also actively supports the charitable objectives of the LR Foundation, notably by chairing Advisory Boards of various research projects related to food & sustainability.

    Presentation Title : How food supply chain innovation is driving sustainability

    Presentation Synopsis: 

    The global food supply chain is evolving through greater transparency driven by consumer demand, advances in technology and new products and services. But what does the future hold for a more sustainable food supply chain?

    What impact will big data, blockchain technologies and microbiome analysis have on food traceability? Will these new technologies enable real time monitoring of the entire supply chain? How will what we eat change to become more sustainable and could seaweed and insects be on the menu? What impact will digitalisation have on audit business models to help clients better protect their brands? Ultimately, how will we ensure that consumers are confident that what they are eating is responsibly sourced and safe for them and the planet?

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