Zafar Ure-Managing Director,Phase Change Material Products Limited.

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    Mr. Ure started his career in J&E Hall in the refrigeration field and later worked as Consultant for a number of UK based Building Services consultancy firms. He also served with York International in Overseas markets as a Sales Manager.


    Currently Mr. Ure is the founder and Managing Director of PCM Products Ltd. specialised in PCM based Thermal Energy Storage products and associated low energy cooling technologies.


    Mr. Ure takes a special interest in the promotion of alternative energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and overall load shifting / site demand management practices for practical Refrigeration & Air Conditioning applications.

    Presentation Title-

    Phase Change Material (PCM) based temperature control packaging and shipment applications.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is the temporary storage of high or low temperature energy for later use. It bridges the time gap between energy requirement and energy use. For conventional temperature controlled application purposes, simple water ice constitute the principal storage media.


    Water has the advantage of universal availability, low cost and economical solution. However, water ice as a latent heat energy storage material is limited to 0°C (32°C) and therefore it can only be applied for limited applications. In particular, the latest product development especially in the pharmeciutical field created many different strict temperature requirements which can not be satisfied by simple ice gel packs.


    The current temperature controlled packaging and shipment requirement extended to critical 2~8ºC medical range, ambient 20~24ºC products,

    –3 ~ -34ºC frozen products, dry ice replacement –65ºC ~ –78ºC ice pack applications as well as the latest requirement of dual-PCM 15ºC~25ºC for both cold & hot climate using single ice pack shipment applications which can be only satisfied using various PCM materials.

    This paper aims to cover the commercially available PCM solutions and associated products together with their practical application examples around the world.


    Practical application guide together with the real application examples around the world will be presented in a format that will aid practising engineers or consultants to develop an effective, practical design options based on PCM based temperature controlled packaging and shipment systems.


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